Saturday, September 4, 2010

A very naughty 3 yr old.....

that would be this guy......decided it would be a good idea to turn the hose on and put it through the sun roof of his big brothers car.

Lets just say it was a good thing mama was home to protect him when big brother went out later that day to go somewhere and his car was practically floating away.......


  1. Jodi-

    The products you might ask your doc for or I can send to you are Benecalorie -this is a tasteless calorie boost oil that you mix into food. One little container the size of a fruit cup is over 300 calories!

    The second product is call Boost Kids Essentials 1.5kcal this is the milk that Abby is on, it is about 390 kcal per 8oz. She gained 10lb in 6 months on these products!

    Both have to be ordered through medical supply with an RX but it should be super easy to get. Does Ari have a nutritionist on his team?

    I'm so glad he's getting a better life with you guys. I'd love for our families to meet some day. Abby needs to see others that have similar features as her when she's a bit older.

  2. I cracked up at this mental image. Poor bro!

  3. Oh no :) That's just terrible.

  4. oh man!!! what did Shane do?? I would guess Shane learned to close his sun roof :) :) :)

  5. Jodi the Kid Essentials in the grocery stores is not the same, you'd be better off with pediasure then do those. The one I was talking about can only be purchased through Rx because the calories are so high. We prefer the Boost 1.5kcal over Pediasure because Boost doesn't have any sugar and it's more calories.