Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm comin out......

Sort of.

Lindsey is working on a facebook page for me.

I have mixed feelings about it, but we'll see how it goes :)

........I'm gonna miss you Chaka.


  1. I'll take that as a big, fat NO then about being my every day phone friend! :(

    That's ok. My phone rings off the hook pretty much all day anyway. You know, calls from Andrea about getting our families together for Christmas this year, calls from Gretchen on how to be slowly but nicely let you know that she's one of my every day phone friends...that kind of thing. I would have squeezed you in though.

  2. (in my sing-song voice)

    Somebody's jealous....somebody's jealous....

    hmm...maybe that I have like 30 facebook friends already...and she has the big fat 0! TEE HEE.

    And I already told you that Andrea is coming to MY house for Christmas....and probably Easter too.

    But hey.....we can still be phone friends :)

  3. by the way, it was 67 and crisp and sunny here today.....

    just an FYI.

    he hee

  4. (To the tune of na na na na boo boo)

    I'm not on facebook. I hate to point out the obvious but since I have 98 followers on my blog as opposed to the 53 that you begged for, I'm guessing that my facebook friend list would look slightly different than yours as well.

    You're going to be surprised when you see pictures of Andrea and Reece on my blog when they come to my church AND to my house the weekend of the Buddy Walk. :) Can't wait to see your pictures from Christmas and Easter. Better learn how to photo-shop quickly!!!

  5. You crack me up. Welcome to facebook!