Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something creepy is going on .......

The other day Alex and I went up our hill in the back yard to the place we affectionately call 'Pet Cemetery" to put some flowers on Henry's grave. You remember our Henry....who died about a month ago.....

But when we got there, this is what we found. An empty hole.
No Henry......we looked and looked and found no sign of him.(or the big baggie he was buried in)
At first I blamed Cooper, our huge dog who likes to dig.....
but, then I remembered a similar issue we had with Summer this spring when a poor bird flew into our window and died and we buried it, and she later DUG IT UP and was carrying it around in a basket like this:
Well, she got scolded for that and said she wouldn't do it again.
But I called her to the 'hole' and asked her if she knew what happened to Henry....she got that funny look on her face when you know dang well she knows something she's not saying.
But she swore up and down she didn't do it.
So I let it go.
Still no sign of Henry's whereabouts though.
Michael thinks one of these days Cooper is going to 'barf up Henry'.....
.but I still think Little Red Riding Hood is behind this.
Either way....poor Henry.


  1. Ok, either way... eeeww. Maybe Henry had nine lives...?

  2. That's disgusting! And kind of funny.

  3. I'm with the "eeew" comment. Summer has more explaining to do. Does she hoard other things?

  4. Oh mah goodness. I think I'd be doing a little more questioning as well ;)

  5. Hmmm...I thought I commented on this. I think I tried twice yesterday and both time it came up as "error" page or something. Anyway, I think I said something positive like...Perhaps Summer will aspire to be an autopsy doctor or something lucrative like that.

    There is a house for sale down the road--I think they're asking $15,000,000 for it BUT you could move in with Gretchen and a few other Midwest Families (who have met my approval of course) and then we could all be neighbors!!!

    Think about it and if you want I'll try to find the listing and send it to you!

  6. Yes. I already noticed my typo as soon as I hit publish so you don't have to comment here or on my blog about my error. Geesh--you're such a perfectionist!!!

  7. uh, yeah I noticed it and boy IS IT A BAD ONE ;o

    honestly, I read it and re-read it and still don't know what's wrong!

    So, I guess you're safe with me as your (ignorant) proof reader :)

  8. It would be nice to hear how Toma is doing - is he making any progress? Interacting with the family? Talking at all? Doing any therapies?

  9. ok gotta go with "this is sooo a jodi story" and eww. I would start looking under the beds...just saying.
    We are in kyiv and loving it! What an amazing city. you just go about your business no one bugs you and you just enjoy, but you do have to walk fast. i mean really fast. hope to see your alexander by the end of the week :)