Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I went to a party! We talked about you know who......

Hee hee he.

I went to a party at Gretchens house. And boy, it was SOME party. Kristin wanted to go so badly.

You remember Kristin, don't you....Posted by Picasa

the one who stole my sweet Alexander in 'my special country'.....

(A.K.A the nasty tempered creature above)

Anyway, Kristin wanted to go so badly. But.....it was only the VIP's invited.

But we had such a wonderful time talking about Kristin that I just had to share it with you.....see this picture, it's us saying....

pshh, pshs ,pshsh.... dainty Kristin...pshh, pshsh..little foot up in the air...pshsh,pshh..ride a book, hee hee...pshsh..school teacher...psh, pshsh..spits on people....psh, pshsh,psh...all those 'tee hee hee's'....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT..pshsh, psh....parasol prissy...psh,psh,psh.

And oh, so much more.

Should a been there ;)


  1. come on Kristin.....I know you saw this.....I know it's bugging you.....

  2. Kristin, stay by the mailbox, it is coming soon...

    tee hee hee

    I think we should all have a "heart for orphans" necklace. Maybe you could post your beautiful new necklace, Jodi.

    Jodi, you might have to watch your back after that one!!

  3. Yes, of course I saw this but I had to get my letter to Alexander translated and in the mail so he gets it before he starts to wonder about me. He writes me at least once a week and it's hard to keep up with answering him now that school has started. His letters are very sweet and yes, he does ask about you once in awhile although it's been less frequent as of late. He's still enjoying the book on America I gave him and he is using the picture of the two of us for his Christmas Cards this year. (He said he'd send you one).

    So, I'm glad you two enjoyed your little hen party and I do hate that I missed it, but you know how it is when you have SO MANY PEOPLE to keep up with in the REAL world let alone the BLOG world as well.

    Did I mention that Andrea Roberts is coming to MY church to see MY daughter's dedication on October 10th?

    Alexander couldn't make it but he was on the guest list.

    Psh Psh THAT you llama loather!!!

  4. Wow...that was something. I'm not really knowing what to say.

    Is Andrea really coming to YOUR daughter's dedication??

  5. Actually yes. It's the same weekend as the Buddy Walk and so I just asked her if she was going to church anywhere since she would be in town for the BW and she said she'd love to come to our church and see Nadia dedicated. We'll see if it ends up working out or not.