Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Heart for Orphans necklace...

Isn't it beeeeeeautiful! I love it. If you would love to have one too, go look here:
www.gs2studios.com all profits benefit www.healinghaiti.org

Thanks Gretchen :)

p.s. hey Kristin....you're freaking me out.


  1. Oh My Goodness! That's the SAME EXACT necklace Alexander just sent me in his last package! I had no idea it was a Heart for Orphans necklace, though. He just said it was his Heart for Me! (He's so sweet like that you know).

    Well, now we both have one! How cool is that???

  2. LOL!

    oh my goodness, you're a NUT.

  3. My son asked if Alexander is looking for a green card. I think he's using you Kristin!

    I really think you should get a Heart for Orphans necklace though, for real!! Lisa, Jenny and Maria too....a Heart for Zap Orphans....for cute.

  4. You guys think I'm kidding but I do already have that same necklace and it's inscribed "From My Heart To Yours" on the back from Alexander.