Thursday, March 18, 2010

the bigger picture

I wanted to talk to our facilitators and see if I could go back and complete the adoption myself. But when I brought this up with Rich, he was very adamant that he go too. I knew he really wants to be there to bring Ari home, but I guess I didn't realize the full extent of it...

This adoption has really changed him. It has opened his heart to the plight of these orphans...when we were there, and he saw the little fatherless children in the playpen, with their arms up to him, it made an imprint on his heart.

This is so significant to me because it was ME who wanted to was ME who found was ME who talked about this daily for a year and a half....

I really didn't know if he would ever be 'on board'.

And now, he loves this boy beyond words. He can't imagine me going to get Artiom with out him. HE wants to be the one carrying him out of the orphanage, and into our family.

At first after we talked about this, I was upset, because I thought the end goal was just getting Ari home as soon as possible, and I wanted to GO.

But after thinking about it and listening to Rich and feeling his emotion, I realize just how far he has come...and how that, in itself, is an answer to prayer.

He WANTS to go back and adopt another child after Artiom... that warms my heart.

So, I have to take a step back, and be thankful for how far the Lord has brought us, and just have faith that it is all in HIS timing.

And be thankful that he has blessed me with such a good husband!


  1. What a guy that Victor is!! It shouldnt be that long (even though it feels like it) and then both of you can go back to get your son! Sounds good to me! Roc wont be so happy about it though, she was already starting to pack!!!lol

  2. I know your heart has been heavy since you got back so I'm glad you're being given this "aerial" view to see what God has done and is doing even in the waiting period. You have a wonderful husband!!


  3. Aw, this made me cry. I can't wait until you can both walk out of the orphanage and into your new life as a family :)!!

  4. THIS is one of the most BEAUTIFUL posts I have EVER read! Praise GOD! How awesome is our GOD!

  5. Jodi.. My husband feels the same. How wonderful to hear your post about your husband... he would have it no other way but to travel with me... even though our childcare would be so much simplier if he would stay home to watch our bunch.... Thanks for sharing and I could just hug your husband for his tender heart towards orphans. We are praying that it will be soon that he is home with you all.

  6. Oooooh I loved this so much. I hope my hubs has the same type of reaction, knowing his heart the way I do, I think he will. You have been blessed with a very sweet man. But I'm sure you know it :)