Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Sweet Friend, Alexander

Is now Nancy's friend too :) He's the best. All you guys going to Zap should feel comforted that you will have such a wonderful friend/taxi driver while you are there!


  1. We had one taxi driver we labeled the very helpful taxi driver. we asked to go to detsky dom and he took us there but to the wrong entrance. having no way to communicate we thought we would just pay the man go around the gate and across the yard to the right place except the gate was locked that day(ONLY day the entire time we were there) so he made us get back in the car and took us to the other side and insisted we go in there. we knew that wasnt the right place but again did as we were told knowing he would drag us all over until he found the right gate and we were missing our visitation time lol. so we went in the gate thinking again we would just cross over to the other area. nope there was a fence the entire legth of it. so we just stood around a minute out of sight until he left. LOL we had asked him to return for us and he did, right at the gate he insisted we go into and was there waiting for us when we came out of the OTHER gate that was where we wanted him to take us all along.

  2. Can't wait to meet him! He looks like a great guy!!!