Thursday, March 11, 2010

so here's whats going on..

Nancy and Serge are going to meet with the mayor of Zap in the morning. Apparently its a political issue between the mayor, the council and judge. And the judge is not happy that we are caught in the middle. (no kidding!)

So perhaps something can be done about it. It's actually against the law what they are doing right now, so if it gets some attention brought to it, it may speed the process along.

So excited for Nancy and Svetlana! That little girl has been waiting so long...always watching by the door for her parents to come get her....always asking if visitors were there to be her parents... .......... now she gets them. Her life is about to change in a way she can't even imagine :)

Adoption is the most beautiful thing.......


  1. Oh, I hope it gets straightened out soon!!

  2. That sounds encouraging hopefully they will get it straight and you will be back sooner than you think !