Monday, March 8, 2010

Nancy is on her way!

I'm so happy for her. She is so excited to meet her new daughter! She was kind enough to make a photo album of pictures of us together with Artiom, and she is bringing it over to give to him! How sweet, and it makes me feel a whole lot better. My mind must have been mush to not have thought to leave him a picture of us!!
Please keep Nancy in your prayers and send good vibes her way for safe travel and everything to go smoothly in country. And please say some prayers for the courts in our region to straighten themselves out so we can get our little guy home! Plus, I REALLY miss it there, last night I got on YouTube and listened to music from 'my special country', and it made me sad and really wanting to go back!


  1. What a great idea Jodi! I know Artiom will be thrilled to hold that album and see pictures of his family! He is going to be so excited to see you guys VERY SOON!!! Still praying for those darn courts to open back up-ugh!


  2. Yes! So wonderful!!! Praying that all goes smoothly for all the families going to "U" country :)!

  3. thanks so much honey!!!
    I hope to hug and kiss on him for you all!! Then hope courts open up so we can meet!!!!

  4. So glad that another family is on the way!!!

  5. Nancy just thinks of everything!