Monday, March 1, 2010

one more funny story

Our apartment in Zap had a buzzer you had to press to get in, you buzz it and someone in your apartment can push a button to unlock the main door. When I would come back from somewhere Alex would hear the buzzer and know it was me, so the teens would open our apartment door and he would usually run out and head to the stair way waiting for me to come up.
One day this happened and just as I was coming up the stairs, I hear Alex running out of our apartment, I turned the corner to come up the last flight of stairs and there he is running to me NAKED, and at just that moment an old Babushka is coming down the stairs right above us!! I saw him naked, then I HEARD the Babushka hollering something...I cringed just WAITING for her to scold me and scold me good.
Instead she burst out laughing and talking a mile a minute in Russian. She couldn't get over how funny it was. There, kids aren't seen that much, but NAKED?! NO WAY. I was SO relieved she was a nice yes, there ARE a few of them :) :) :)

We happened to see her again a few days later walking with another Babushka outside and when she realized it was us, she started laughing and pointing at us and came up and was talking to us (in Russian, I have no idea what she was saying) then she hugged Rich and went away laughing.

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