Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kind of at a standstill...

things aren't really progressing well with the 'next adoption'. We are still wrestling with it. I know that if all adoptive parents knew where the money was going to come from before they committed, there wouldn't be a lot of adoptions taking place. I know that. But man, it's tough.

Plus, our agency we went through before for the home study is too busy to do our update.....which stinks because it will cost more to go elsewhere at this point. Plus it will probably take longer.... Ugh.

Every time I am convinced we're nuts, I look at his face...then I KNOW we need to save him. If not us, then WHO? He doesn't have long, and once he's gone, he's GONE.
He will have no more chances...life is so unfair for these children. They are totally at the mercy of others. For EVERYTHING. And in some cases, such as the little boy we hope to bring home, their very life and future is on the line.
Now that's pressure. We HAVE to make it work. I won't be able to live with myself if he gets sent to the institution.

I again ask for your prayers as we wrestle with this...for us to see the path God wants us to take, and for Him to help us figure out a way to PAY for it!

I've always struggled with faith. I know it's a growth area for me. And I let things get me down way too easily. I need to be stronger and fight for this little boy. Please pray for THAT too ;)

I sure appreciate it.


  1. Praying for you! I can only imagine the struggle you must be having. I am afraid that once I go (knowing what I am feeling already) it will be painful to not turn around and go back for another.

  2. Praying Jodi. This little one needs to be in someone's family asap and I'll be praying that it's yours!!!


  3. 向小善致敬,它使人生旅程較為平順。........................................

  4. Awe Jodi, this breaks my heart for you. I can't imagine going back there again, but I understand the desire to save them. God's will shall be done, but I am praying that it will be in your family and his favor.

  5. Jodi,

    I'm praying for you. I feel like I'm in a similar situation right now. I want to adopt so bad, but there are a few obstacles to overcome. I have seen many already removed, so keep praying and I KNOW that God will provide a way. I have seen it so many times in my own life. I am currently struggling with another pretty big decision for our family right now and I've had to stop and regroup and remember that it really isn't up to me to find a way.....God will find a way and I just have to be open to see it. I often get so caught up in making things fit through a closed door that I miss some open windows right in front of me. Stay strong. You are feeling the pull to go back for a reason. Keeping you in my prayers.


  6. Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog. Praying for you and your family as you go through this process of adoption.

  7. Hi Jodi,

    I am so sorry you are struggling right now with where to go. It took a huge leap of faith for us the first time, which we are still waiting to end, :)!

    But I can not imagine the faith needed to go at it again any time soon! I know that most likely we will adopt again, but it may be domestically for us... This journey has about killed me! :)

    I will support you anyway I possibly can though!!!! God's placed this burden on your heart, it isn't wrong!

    Lifting you up in prayer these next few days!