Saturday, May 15, 2010

under the weather....

We all have colds around here and aren't feeling so hot....
Isn't it enought to be sick practically the whole LONG winter???
It's just not right to be feeling lousy when the sun is shining .

The only one smiling around here is this silly llama, one of many running around our house....I have recently named this pretty girl 'Kristin'.

hee he


  1. She reminds me of Kristin:0) Great choice!
    (Kristin's friend in NC)

  2. YOU have Llamas!!!!???? COOL! I have an Alpaca fetish! I am getting one as a pet, or 2 or 3... as soon as I don't need extra money for adoption! :)

  3. we are all sick too..wicked sore throats & lots of runny noses ;(
    so glad you guys are bonding , I wondered how that was going.

  4. Beautiful Llama!!! Beautiful Name!!! Kristin must be a very special person if you named your favorite pet after her! :)

    Love, Kristin (who has now disowned her "friend" Lisa in NC) Any houses near you in Minnesota????