Monday, May 3, 2010

What have I done!

Oh my....

I'm feeling a little bit sick here...

I cut off all my little girls beautiful hair today.

It was long, golden and flowing..and now it is short, short, short.

Ugh. Why do I do these things? I don't know.

Plus...I'm not a professional. Double Ugh.

It was always a tangled mess, and she would cry and cry when we would brush it out. That's why I did it, and she WANTED me to. But she's 5! Why did I listen to a 5 year old!?

I'm seriously feeling sick now. I don't like change. I thought I did, but I don't.

Why do I do these things? I usually shave the dogs, I LIKE doing that :) and it drives my husband crazy!!! He's always telling me " now don't shave those dogs when I'm at work" ha ha ha hah. I get a kick out of that.

But I should have just stuck with the dogs.


  1. Deep breath and say, "It will grow back." Repeat.

    Kristin. :)

  2. It probably looks awesome!!

  3. I think it is really cute !!!

  4. My mom drilled it into our heads young that to be pretty a girl must simply have long hair. So throughout our growing up years we would periodically chop it off to prove her wrong, and panic afterwards.

    Now, I LOVE short hair. Mine is till long... but I love little girls with short hair. She's looks fabulous, I saw the picutre! And so much easier to take care of.... THAT is the main thing!

  5. Her picture is adorable. I think you both will be happy with her shorter (and much more manageable) hairstyle during the summer. It is definitely not too short (it's actually very cute!).

    I did the same thing with my eldest daughter when she was in kindergarten and then we promptly let it grow out again and it has been long ever since (she is 19 yrs now).

  6. I think it looks cute! I did the same thing with my little girl a while back and I swore I'd never do it again. I ended up liking it so much, we did it again later! She liked it too!

  7. I think she is adorable with short or long hair...I do know that feeling of doing something and wondering why later :)

  8. Oh, your story is mine!! When I was 5, I had gorgeous white (white because we lived in Miami and I was in the sun aaaaall the time!), wavy, thick, long hair. BUT I screamed bloody murder every time my mom tried touching it!! Finally, she gave up and chopped it off, much shorter than your daughter's, and she loved it!! I didn't, but sort of did. We got used to it, and it stayed short until I was in Jr. High!

    The BEST thing about hair (or the worst!) is that it does grow back. :o)

    Glad I found your blog again! Not sure how I misplaced it, but I did!