Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Dr appointment

I took Toma to the pediatrician today. He was a bit overwhelmed. (the doctor, not Toma) there are just SO MANY things to be done. I'm not even sure where to start. One step at a time I guess.
The good news is he gained 3 pounds since he has been home.
They took 12, yes that's 12!!!!!, vials of blood. I didn't think he even had that much in him! His cry is pathetic, since he is non verbal, he doesn't have much of a cry either. Big tears though.

Tried to get him to go to the bathroom in a cup, that didn't fly at all!

I got referrals to these doctors to START with:

Ears, Nose and Throat

So that should keep us busy for a while!!

I think the doctor was a bit shocked at his "extreme failure to thrive" he said he is more like a 1-2 yr old. I'm leaning more toward a 2-3 yr old, myself.

I had my camera with and in total brain fog mode, I forgot to take any pictures. I do have to collect both kinds of 'samples' from him for the next 3, fun, fun :)

He has to go back for a TB test on Monday, his mother had that and died. She was on a strong antibiotic when she was pregnant with him and that may have contributed to his many medical conditions.

So, that was my day....

By the way, I am still hoping for more input about the South. Come on people......I'm seriousssssssss here! :)


  1. I'm so glad he's getting some good referrals. I know we've overwhelmed our pediatrician at first but he's been great with us and never hesitates to send off a referral for anything we ask for.

  2. jody I would pack it all up and move to Naples in a HEARTBEAT! but alas that would be ME and not hubby as he isnt thrilled with that idea. and of course would be without a couple of kids because their dad would say no to moving outstate. sigh. so I guess its cold MN winters for me. at least for a few more years.

  3. Oh my heart breaks for him so much, he's such a vulnerable kind of sweet that hearing the 12 vials kind of thing makes me so sad for him. But, I know it has to be done, and so I'm glad he's getting the go ahead in the right direction. That's so sad about his birth mom, I"m glad you found all found each other :) As for the south, I'd still go to Texas or Georgia. I love Tybee and Savannah.

  4. How about Mankato, Rochester, or Owatonna???hahaha! When growing up we took a family vacation every summer driving around the good US of A. So I have been in almost every state and loved bits and pieces of all of them. But since I grew up in the same city and state (MN) I cant say I would want to live any place else. I also LOVE winters!! Snowboarding, snow tubing, skiing, ice skating and sledding. Wish we had some mountains though!!! Besides, the 30 below makes one appreciate the summer months so much more!

  5. We live in Roswell, Ga - about 30 minutes north of Atlanta, It's an awesome family place and convenient to everything!

  6. I am serious. Kansas is SOUTH of Nebraska. :)

    Just looking at the last overwhelmed me Jodi! I still am amazed at our kids that come home to us and have such a laundry list of Drs. visits and concerns! One day at a time on that I guess!

    I didn't know he was non verbal. I bet that makes it even harder on mom! Hugs to you!

  7. Kansas!?
    The only thing I hate more than winter are TORNADOES! Yikes. :)

  8. Funny...Eastern Europe09 beat me to it. I was going to recommend Mankato and Rochester also :-)

    Poor sweetie. Do you come down to the cities for appts. or do you have them all up there somewhere? I have a few favorites in the cities if you would like any recommendations. We have seen them all and I guess we will be visiting them all soon. In fact, I am going to schedule them all before we leave. I figure I will schedule obviously his pediatrician, then cardiologist, pulmonologist, ENT/audiologist, opthamologist, and endocrinologist to start with. Not sure if we will go to any adoption clinic...any recommendations there?