Friday, April 23, 2010

Please remember to pray for Chrissie ~

I can't get this little girl off my mind. She was adopted from Serbia last year with a serious heart condition, it actually said on her medical records that her heart was 'not compatible with life' .

But boy, is she full of life!

She is a little girl who lives life to the fullest, surrounded by the love of her family, including many adopted siblings.

She was looking forward to her heart surgery so she could get her heart fixed. So she could run and play and swim with out getting tired.

She had surgery on April 19th and it didn't go as planned. The doctor's had to go back in 3 different times that day.

She died.

God brought her back.

She died again.

God brought her back again.

She is not doing well, and is on life support to keep her alive.

It isn't known if her organs suffered or to what extent the damage is from being 'dead' for over 20 minutes the first time and I don't know how long the second time.

When she was adopted, her mother felt God telling her to name her Christyn Joy. Meaning, 'Jesus is on my heart'.

The doctors showed her parents a picture of her heart yesterday, and there was literally a cross, A CROSS on her heart! Christ is on her heart all right.

They are praying for a miracle for their daughter. They need all the prayers they can get. CHRISSIE needs all the prayers she can get...

Please take a moment today to think about this little girl so full of joy and life, and please pray that she is able to make a miraculous recovery and dance again HERE on THIS earth.


  1. I know. I even got up in the middle of the night last night to see if anything new was posted! Praying for this beautiful child!

  2. this is so very sad. i am praying and praying for this little sweetie!!