Wednesday, April 21, 2010

yesterday and today's pictures

Playing in the sink at the eye dr.
the whole gang

trying on glasses, he will need them soon. He wasn't happy at all!

in the dentist chair

yay, we're leaving!


  1. He's a trooper with having to be poked and prodded by all of those strange people! What a great shot of the younger kids--are the olders off at college? I forgot. :( I know you have at least half a dozen kids so I'm having a hard time keeping track. :)

    From, Your Hot Old Fogie Friend :)

  2. He is soooo precious! Good job buddy...that's a lot of visits ;)

  3. More than half a dozen now Kristin! HA.

    2 of the older ones are still in HS, and our oldest daughter is off on her own.

    And I wouldn't mind being an 'old fogie' AT ALL if I looked like you!