Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreaming of the South...

I love the South.

I have been researching places to live in many different southern states.

I really like a place in Tifton, GA

But I would consider many of the southern states, like AL,MS,SC,FL,LA and TN.

I'm looking for advice, I don't know a lot about any of these states...

So, if you live in any of these places, PLEASE tell me what you like/don't like about them :)

I'm tired of the winters here in MN. I need a change!


  1. Um...Kentucky :) I say that cause that's where I live, and of all the places I've ever been...I love it here the most. Although I could be persuaded to move to Texas, well maybe not really. I love farmland, small communities, the weather that gives just the right amount of winter, and such wonderful spring weather. I love my Amish neighbors that live where we have land. I'm not made for city life, so this is great for us. South carolina is another place that is very pretty, and has a lot to offer though.

  2. I thought about Kentucky, and I DO like it, it just seems a touch 'North' to me...like it still gets cold and icy :)

  3. I love South Carolina we have all four seasons and they are all wonderful ! If I were to move I think FL would be good... I love warm weather ! But I have always lived in South Carolina.

  4. Hello?? Somehow you left North Carolina off that list!! We have 4 seasons as well with only a little bit of the stifling heat the deeper South is known for. Plus,I live here! What more could you ask for? ha ha ha

    P.S. Does your husband know you're moving? tee hee

  5. No, but I'll send him a post card when I get there!

    Ahem...there is the word NORTH in North Carolina...so I left it out :)

    But I'll listen to all the wonderful things about it if you want to tell me.

  6. Yes, I realize the word North in North Carolina is a little deceiving but we are below the Mason-Dixon line and very close to some pristine beaches--they even call it the "Crystal Coast". Doesn't that sound inviting?

    Just make sure your post card doesn't start off with "Dear John". :(


  7. We lived near Augusta, GA for 4 years (we are back to Iowa, which is where we had moved from.) We really liked that area, as well as South Carolina. We often think we might like to move back that way down the road. How is Hunter adjusting? Our Dylan has been home 4 1/2 months now from the orphanage in Zap.

  8. Been in FL for 6 years now. Love the weather. At this point in time, houses are relatively inexpensive. No state taxes, which of course translates into less social services and long wait lists for adult services, but pretty decent ESE classes for kids.If you like a slower pace, go to the Panhandle or West Coast; for more city life, go to the East Coast of FL.

  9. We live in NC and I can testify to having all 4 seasons, plus you get the mountains and the beach with short travel times!! Can you shoot me an email? I looked all over your blog for a link to your email but couldn't find it :) My email is traciwilli2 @ yahoo.com (take out the spaces, LOL)
    Thanks! Traci

  10. You are all very funny. Jodi--you can't appreciate the summer unless you experience the winter right?? Don't go! We need good people up here in the artic!!Minnesota would miss you!

  11. What's wrong with KS? It's rarely dull! :)

  12. I agree with Kristin!!!! NC for sure! You get the best of both worlds..... a few short hours to the gorgeous mountains and a few short hours to the beautiful beach. (or you can choose to live in one of those beautiful places) Come on down to NC. We'll treat you right!

  13. I am in florida but love tenn, and i heard nc is amazing too. would love to move to tennesee. love love mountains :) sending ya an email.

  14. We are in FL, near Kennedy Space Center on the coast, and not quite an hour straight east of Orlando. We LOVE it here!! Our county is quite slow paced, but we have so many neat things here, and there's never a traffic jam!! True, FL places 48th in the states for Social Services, but other than that, the quality of life here is wonderful.

    I also dearly love TN, but you risk cold weather there, even if it's not too much. TN is my second favorite. ;o)

    Try www.findyourspot.com . I took that quiz before we moved here and we're here!!


  15. Hi Jodi, sorry I'm just now answering this. I'm pretty much a silent reader of a lot of blogs and sometimes I get very behind.

    I was born and raised in the town of Eunice, Louisiana. I do not currently live there but would do anything to go back. The good: The friendliest people who take pride in their cajun roots, the best food, far enough from the coast that you don't have to worry about hurricanes other than loss of power for a day or two, great churches, wonderful festivals, neighboring cities are also small but provide different festivals and other opportunities. Low cost of living. A larger city (Lafayette) is less than an hour away. A small town in every sense of the term.

    The bad: mosquitos, education ranks low in La, low job opportunities unless you commute to another city or have a professional degree in demand. That amazing food packs on the pounds. The cold/then warm/then cold and always wet "winter" results in some pretty nasty colds for the kids, especially for kids with low immune systems or other health problems. The good hospitals are an hour or more away.

    Good or bad depending on how you look at it: The isn't much in the way of support for parents of children with special needs but they are catching up with the times. If you feel like you have a calling to push for improvement, it would be a great place to do it. I am trying to get back there in order to do that I'm better at creating and starting programs than I am at sliding into already active ones. The seasons are spring-ish, hot and muggy summer, not so hot and muggy summer, and cold (but not as cold as what you are used to) and rainy sprinkled with some fall-ish type weather. Rarely snows (sometimes not for years although last year it snowed 2 times) and if it does, everything shuts down.

    I currently live in Biloxi, Mississippi and have been here for 13 years.

    The good: Friendly people, lots of events going on at all times, the beach, great churches, resilient people, awesome seafood. Has a small town feel without actually being all that small. Fairly low coast of living. AWESOME network of parents of children with special needs. Even if the diagnosis isn't the same, we are all very caring and open to each other.

    The bad: Hurricanes are deadly and a constant threat during the season. Katrina destroyed the area. The oil spill is not doing us any favors now. Because of Katrina, insurance for homes is outrageous so it makes the cost of living more than it should be. Sand gnats. Education is not ranked high in MS. Mississippi is ranked highest in obesity. Job opportunities aren't the best but I guess that is everywhere. Just like La, the "winters" are horrible for kids. Trent was hospitalized twice this past winter with pneumonia. There are, however, great hospitals near by including a children's hospital in Alabama about an hour away.

    Good or bad depending on how you look at it: Casinos galore, the weather is just like Louisiana's, pretty much never snows but if it does, everything shuts down. So that is my synopsis. :D

    BTW, I'm overjoyed to hear things are good for y'all and everyone is settled. :)

    Holly F.

  16. Thank you all for that very detailed information! I really love hearing about different places in the South. I'm going to really think about each one you suggested...well, not quite every place made the cut...sorry Kelly, but Kansas is out! I can't even watch The Wizzard of Oz!