Sunday, April 18, 2010

I can't get them off my mind...

I knew when we got home I wouldn't be able to go on with life and not feel this fierce drive to help the oprhans find families, to be loved and cared for. But I at least thought there would be a 'reasonable' amount of time before my heart would be longing for another one here in our family.

It hasn't been a 'reasonable' amount of time.

I can't forget those faces. I see how much love our Ari has to share and how much he needs us. I mean he REALLY needs us. He is such an innocent little piece of love.

So, yes, I want more. I want to go back. I already know who....although I would gladly take any of them.

The question is HOW? The cost is astronomical. It's insane. There are no two ways around it.

But it's a LIFE we're talking about. There HAS to be ways.....

I don't understand why it has to cost so much, but buying someones life, their freedom, isn't cheap.

I'm praying that God show's us a way, because I CAN'T forget them.


  1. God has placed this passion in your heart and He will provide! Step out in faith and be prepared to be doubly blessed!!!

  2. I'll be praying for you as you start this journey again. We are working on our journey too - just gathering a little more money while we wait for that special someone to tug on our hearts.

  3. You're an amazing woman, Jodi and you have God's heart for the orphans. Praying for God to reveal His plan to you and hubbie as far as your next step! :)


  4. i totally understand how you feel. seeing these things changing you. forever. as it should :)((((hugs))))

  5. thats exactly how we felt and why we are going back already. with the adoption tax credit we just used everything we got back(we have a high tax liability) and that covers a LOT of it. enjoy your baby boy and scrimp and save awhile and before you know it you will be all set to go back! Im so glad you have that lovely boy home.

  6. Jodi,

    I am praying for you and know that God will provide! I have been praying for a while now about adoption and God has been answering prayers and removing obstacles one by one. Now, I just have to get my hubby on board! I'm praying hard that God will move on his heart. I have a very strong desire and pull toward orphans and the orphans of Ukraine, in particular. I can't explain it, but it started about 5 years ago and it's getting stronger and stronger. I am planning to go there next Fall with a missions group and I can't wait! I want to go now. Keep pressing on and God will make the way!


  7. Jodi-
    The kids are already talking about "the next one." Some want a girl this time. We will see. I'm dying to get our little guy--I'm dying knowing I will leave so many behind!

    Take care---would love to talk!

  8. Jodi, once that fire and that "calling" in your heart is awakened by God it won't be quiet! Trust me... after our first adoption... I TRIED, I even prayed for God to take it away because my husband was not on board for another adoption. God decided to change his mind instead of taking it from me. :)

    I dont' know how, but I know God is in control of it. At least, usually I do.. mabye not so much today.

    Still, I find it amazing because the thought of going through this process again makes me nauseous! Maybe once the girls have been home for a while that feeling will leave me...

    I do know this isn't the last the adoption world will see or hear of us. We might just focus on domestic adoptions though... who knows?! I have always really wanted to adopt from the Phillipines... so? :)

  9. I understnad completely!!! I am ready to go back, but hubby is not :(
    It is so hard once you see the need to just ignore it. Good luck!!!

  10. It is a strong pull, isn't it? I am so sad that we didn't get to see the RR kids while we were at Solnitchka (other than Bella, who has a family coming for her)...and at the same time, I am a little bit relieved. The children we did see are etched in our hearts and minds...and although most of them seemed to be happy and doing very well...we don't have any information about any of them...and we pray they will be found by loving families.

    Seeing the kids with Ds, especially (the ones listed on RR--like Anne Marie--still available, and Taya--who now has a family, I think), would have been almost too much to bear. But I cannot believe they were right under our noses and we did not see them or have the chance to photograph them or write updates.