Saturday, April 10, 2010

One week ...

We have had our little angel for a week now, and boy is he a sweetie!
He gets up way earlier than we are used to though, so that will take some getting used to :)
I have to get a crib tent for him because he crawls out all the time, and we have a lot of stairs and he doesn't have any concept of danger.
Plus, he plays in the toilet!
He is facinated with water. He would sit in the bath all day if I let him.
I give him a bowl of water on the deck and he plays and plays. He is very easy.
He only wants to eat his mush though, and yogurt. Nothing else.
No drinking either, just the fluid in the mush. So we really need to get him to drink more.
He played in the sand box ALL afternoon today with the other kids. Man, does he love the sand box.
He is very good natured. And sweet. We hug him and he pulls us close and tilts his head over so we can blow on his neck, he loves that! He laughs, and makes sounds, but is non verbal.
He is not potty trained. No surprise there, although they said he was.
He is facinated with my hair dryer. And anything with wheels on it.
He loves to be twirled around. I got a johnny jump up and he loves that too.
He really likes to just sit out on the deck in the sun, it's something he didn't get enough of before.

I WILL post pics as soon as I get my husband or son to download them from my camara. I don't know how to do that...I know...I know.. I should learn these things...but I'm busy and frankly I don't like computer things very much :)

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. Oh I am so happy things are going well! He sounds like such a sweetie! That's kind of cool too that he DOES climb out and walk around. He must feel comfortable and at home! Not so cool for mom and dad but I'm happy to hear how at ease he seems to be! Welcome Home Ari!

  2. I'm happy to hear he sounds like he is adjusting well. Have you been able to get him hooked up with any doctors yet?

  3. What a doll!! I am so glad he is getting all of that love!

  4. I read your comment on Adeye's blog and followed you here. Your son's birth country is very much on my heart. I am praying for clarity. Will you please email me so I can ask you some things privately?
    Thanks so much!
    Many blessings and much rejoicing over your new son!
    Holly from Purpose Driven Family and Purpose Driven Beading

  5. oh well it might help if I left my email address, huh?

  6. he sounds like a little sweet heart !! I am so happy he is home with his family enjoying the sunshine :):)

  7. Sounds like he is doing great! I can't wait for more pics!

    And I can't wait till I can say the same..."My girls have been home a week! :)"

  8. how are your other children?

  9. I know you are probably sick of suggestions but here are two things I have seen children drinking in Ukraine: warm milk and warm fruit tea (like the loose kind made from dried fruit.)

  10. Thanks Kat,
    The thing is he won't even TRY anything, he see's the cup and shakes his head NO. I have offered a bottle and got the same response.

    I'll keep trying though :)

  11. By the way, I am NEVER sick of suggestions! I am new to this and welcome any and all advice :) :) :)