Tuesday, April 20, 2010

interesting fact...

In 'my special country', Rich and I are called Yula and Viktor by our friends....

On the court documents we saw Artiom's siblings names, two of them are Yula and Viktor.



  1. Rather than weird, I call that one of God's little "coincidences". It is a joy to read your blog!

  2. not weird...its a "godincedence" -meant to be :)

  3. Brady is in the orphanage with Dania, Josh, and Luke. Even though I know he is turning 6 soon I jokingly asked Andrea not to put him in the "older kids" section because I cant afford to take anymore. I hate to see the older kids because I know how close they are to being transferred! Its going to be hard to see him knowing he has no family yet! And he is sooo stinkin CUTE!

  4. That is really neat! Do you and Rich call each other by your Ukrainian names now that you're home? :)