Monday, April 12, 2010

soy milk and sand boxes

I started putting soy powdered milk in his baby cereal. He has been having really bad diapers and I know he needs all the vitamens and minerals he can get, so we're giving this a try.
He ate his supper all by himself tonight. He is so darn cute, whenever he see's his bowl of cereal coming he gets the biggest smile. and periodically while he's eating he just stops and SMILES so big. He's my happy boy. Really, he couldn't be easier or sweeter. I can't believe how lucky we are to have him.
He could play in the sand box all day if I let him. He just loves it. At the orphanage, on the next to the last day he was there, I had him out playing in the sand/dirt. That is a big no-no. And I sure found that out! A doctor came walking by and saw it and quickly came over and sat him up and wiped him off, he was crying and trying to get away from wasn't pretty.
So now he just can't believe he can sit all day in the dirt and play and nobody yells at him :)

Then to top it off he gets to come in and have a bath, which is his other favorite thing to life is gooooood.

He's not really afraid of his crib tent anymore, and is just laying in there right now looking at a book. If I had known how great those things are I would have gotten one years ago!

Now we have to work on getting him to eat more foods, DRINK, and start making doctor appointments. The dr appt part is somewhat overwhelming for me, but we'll take it one step at at time :)

I still can't find the cord that goes from the camera to the computer, but when I do, I will post lots of pictures of him!


  1. I'm with Ari. Play in the dirt, bathe, and eat. Life would be good!!! :) As far as the medical stuff goes...take it 1 appointment at a time. "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming..." :)


  2. So glad that he has the freedom to play and be loved! It's so good to get down in the dirt sometimes.

    Curious why you are using soy? Of course you are the mom, but I would encourage you to look into the possible dangers of eating soy. It can actually block mineral absorption.

  3. I was going to get him the powdered formula to mix in with cereal, and he has been having really bad diapers, so I thought perhaps this would help. But the main reason is that it was on sale and I had a good coupon!
    I really don't know all that much about soy, but thought it was supposed to be healthy, but feel free to inform me, REALLY :)


  4. Jodi-

    If you have any questions about doctors please ask! I can help you with that piece. Also I would highly recommend diet and nutrition changes to be handled by a registered dietitian, Abby is followed by one. She wouldn't gain weight on whole milk or pediasure so she's now on a drink called Boost Kid Essentials 1.5 that has to be ordered through prescription.

  5. Thanks Kristin, do I have your email?

  6. He is really so cute... I am sure he smiles all the time.. you can tell from his pictures. He may have a parasite that is causing the smelly diapers and all..ask your pediatrician about the tests for giardia and others. Also a very long time ago when we adopted our first child from Mexico (25 yrs now) our doctor at that time told us when we traveled to eat the yougart from there when we traveled to get him (to help us adjust to the diff. food) and when we brought him home to make sure we fed him our yougart.. he said it would help with digestive issues. We have done that on all our adoption travels and when we have brought our children home.

  7. seriously !! Your killing me ! I need to see pictures of your cute lil guy :) Find the camera cord please ;) i am so very happy to hear how amazing he is doing. what a totally gift you are to each other :) he has a family that he so deserves (they all do) and you have an amazing little guy to call your son :) life is good !!