Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The appointments start today...

Artoma has his first appointment today...the dentist.

I know he has about 5 or 6 cavities, but he does NOT like to open his mouth
and will not let me brush his teeth at all. So I don't know what they'll be able to
do today, but hopefully they can come up with a game plan to get those teeth fixed!

Tomorrow he has an eye appointment. He has white spots on one of his eyes, which is
related to the Goldenhar syndrome. But that's all I know about it.

Then I have to make the pediatrician appointment and see just where we should start on
getting this kiddo fixed up. I see a lot of doctor visits in our future :)

by the way...his nickname in the orphanage was Artoma, and he responds well to it, so we tend to call him that. But Rich says it in a thick Italian accent, like 'arr-TOE-maa' which is weird, since he's not Italian, he's from 'my special country'....

The appointment didn't go well. He wouldn't let them look in his mouth. He would pucker up his lips like a monkey, which he does for a kiss :)

They suggested we take him to the internation adoption clinic and see what they suggest.

But I did get a couple of cute pictures which I will post ,when I find that darn cord......


  1. hooray for doctors! You're head is about to start spinning but hang in there. One thing you might consider is to make sure that everyone you see forwards medical records back to the pediatrician and then every 6 months or so request an updated copy of all of his medical records so you have them at home.

    Also would he be eligible to apply for social security income? Is he considered a legal citizen yet? I'm not sure how that piece works for adoptions. But if he is, then after a few months of doctors you might think about trying to get him disability coverage. We tried with Abby and they denied her, but if she ends up needing a rod put in her back we'll reapply and likely become approved.

  2. they called our artem "arteeyomka" regional differences I bet! we head out to doctors tomorrow too. time for some serial casting!

  3. As you know Andrew's condition was similiar.. he is even still eating bottles at 5 and a half and he won't let us willingly brush his teeth either. Our dentist did not bother even seeing him.. We took him to a pediatric specialist and he looked inside while I held him and 3 others just to verify his needs for the insurance company... and we are doing his major cleaning and or any other dental needs under general anesthesia next month at our hospital. We had another son who had such dental issues and he had 4 and 1/2 hrs. of dental surgery under general and did fine.

    Does he have any feeding issues too? A therapist shared that putting a toothbrush in the mouth would help.. even if at first they don't like it... we have been doing it but he still hates anything but his thumb or bottle in his mouth... except for the licking and mouthing he is doing which we are encouraging :) even though we hate the slobbers...

  4. Yes Jeanne, he will ONLY eat his baby cereal, or yogurt, or pudding. Nothing 'solid' at all. And he won't drink at all!!! He is only getting the milk in his cereal, but he does have wet diapers, so I hope it's enough until we can get him to drink regularly.

    He will also have to be put under for his teeth problem.