Friday, April 23, 2010

A fun day for Artiom

Yesterday our oldest son Shane took Artoma down to my husbands workplace for an adoption trip presentation and a chance for his co- workers to meet Ari.

They had a wonderful time, Ari wandered around meeting everyone, he is not shy at all!

I am hoping perhaps there was at least one 'seed' planted for adoption...

They had a beautiful cake (2 in fact) one got sent home for us...boy were the kids excited about that! :)

And the gifts!!! I didn't expect that at all, and I can't thank them enough...It was so sweet.

He loved opening them, and then playing with the bags and boxes! HA.

His brother, Alex, hasn't taken off a Thomas the Train backpack since he spied Ari opening it, and I don't know if Artoma will ever get that one back :)

It was a wonderful time for him, I'm glad he got to go. I almost didn't let Shane take him, because I get a little 'freaky' about letting the little kids go places w/o me ;)


  1. are you concerned that his friendliness with others will translate to attachment difficulty to you?
    so nice that his coworkers were so kind. our community has been less so. we did get one dinner from a coworker but nothing else happened. my "friends" havent even met the kids yet and we have been home 6 months. the cake they sent you was gorgous.

  2. What a wonderful idea! How nice that you all were the recipients of such generosity!! I had to laugh at the backpack "incident"--so typical for brothers!!!

    Love that cake. Wonder where they had it done?