Friday, May 7, 2010

Our little Cossak has what?!

4 different intestinal parasites, that's what!


And let me tell you that getting the 'samples' was no picnic, either.

So now we wait until the doc gets ahold of the infectious disease center (?) to see what treatment he (or possibly all of us) may need.

the parasites are not common here, but not uncommon with adopted children.

His other tests came back good :)


  1. More souvenirs from Ukraine eh? Oh well, at least this "problem" can be taken care of with drugs!

    Which way is the palm tree swaying today? :)Once again, I'm sure you took this parasite thing in stride and your lovely palm tree is looking relaxed and tropical!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Aww poor thing. Hope he gets well soon!

  3. Those little buggers are fighting for the food. Hopefully having those taken care of will get the sweetie pie eating more and feeling better!

  4. Hunter will no doubt gain weight once the uninvited hitch-hikers are thrown to the curb! Bless his sweet heart and his mama! Oh, the joys! Would this make a Hallma*k commericial for Mothers Day, or what! Love to your little man and a hug to you! Good mama, good mama!

  5. Just collected samples this morning, myself. Gagged the whole time. What we do for love!! FUN FUN FUN. And now we get to see what all they find. Even more fun?!

    I am glad the other tests came back good!

    What about TB? Alina's arm is a little bit red where they stuck her for the test. She'll have blood work on Monday and will participate in a new study which is intended to tell the difference between someone who has been vaccinated and someone who has been infected. She will also most likely have to do a chest x-ray.

    Our nurse at the IA clinic yesterday said that nearly all the little ones test positive (either because they have been vaccinated or have been exposed) and then they have to decide whether to treat them with the 9 month course of antibiotics.

    Hopefully this "study" we're participating in will be able to confirm which it is for Alina.

  6. worms? eek. poor baby. I know that is a concern in africa but in EE? i hope he feels better soon. I am praying for brady...i so wish he could be yours!!

  7. probly some metronidozol for a couple weeks. bad tasting stuff so you should have about as much fun getting the medicine into him as you did getting the sample out of him.

  8. Dear Jodi,

    I know what you are going through. Our little guy from Ethiopia had giardia and H-pylori. The local health department was hounding us to put all of the family (7 of us all together) on medication. I was able to convince them to test all of us first, so we didn't have to be on medications unnecessarily. They agreed to that, but it was a most unpleasant weekend gathering all the samples. Yuck! Since the rest of us tested negative, the doctor was able to treat our son and the rest of us didn't have to be on medications we didn't need. The h-pylori responded the first time to meds, but the giardia took 4 rounds. They are tough little guys! I hope Ari gets well soon.


  9. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油! ....................................................

  10. Laurel had H-Pylorai from the drinking water. Talk about smelly diapers!!! Hoping he'll be feeling spiffy soon!

  11. Jodi - Is Brady the little boy that captured your heart????? We wanted to take him too but we could only get 4 :(( We chose Luke because he was older and was closer to being sent away. Let me know if it is him. I have some ideas on getting some money. Does Rich have a dark mask and can he run really really fast??? lol
    seriously let me know.

  12. Nance- You are HILARIOUS!

    I'll go look for a mask....

    yes, his real name is Bogdan, and I WANT him :)

  13. Good for you!! Go for it!
    We just found out Gerri has an intestinal thing. The dr actually had to pull out her red book because it is so rare! It is why she is bloated and has so much gas :) :)
    We are starting with probiotics, then if we have to anti's. Luckily her bloodwork is perfect :)