Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shane having fun with Gramps while he sleeps :)

My dad is always falling asleep the minute he sits down on my couch. The kids have all kinds of fun with him while he's asleep. If his mouth is open, they put stuff in it... they put funny hats on him and generally just torment him in his sleep! Naughty kids, I know... but it's the most fun they have with ole gramps :)

He tends to be a bit grouchy when he's awake, and don't worry, he gets his fair share of tormenting in too. He's ALWAYS aggravating the kids at breakfast...taking their food, taking their forks, their drinks, you name it. Then they scream and cry and he LOVES that!

So they just look at it as 'get even time' when he falls asleep!


  1. Have they tried the old put some shaving creme in his hand and then tickle his nose trick??? That's a good one. Or how about the gag played at most girl sleepovers in the 70's where you put the sleeping person's hand in some water so it makes know...pp. :)

    If I think of some more I'll be sure to let your kids know!!! I love gags and practical jokes!!!


  2. Yep! I know those gags's just that he's on MY couch!! No warm water gags here :)

  3. Maybe that would be part of the gag---put some Depends on him!

  4. Put a pacifer in his mouth and take a picture is one we used to do... I love good natured pranks...lots of laughter.