Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is my Mikey...I could just squeeeeeze those cheeks all day!

He's my teddy bear (most of the time)

*****please excuse the shirt...My mom got it at a garage sale! :) :)
(and I don't like it!)


  1. I can see why you want to squeeze those cheeks all day long. You really need to post a photo of ALL of your kiddos so we blog fans can get a headcount on all of those kids and llamas you have running around your house! I lost track after 4 or 5 or 6 perhaps? (Kids, I mean...not llamas!)

  2. Welllllll....lets see.

    I told my oldest daughter I wasn't going to post a picture of her until the purple was out of her hair. Then she got some metal in her face.....NOT a thing her mama approves of. So, then I said I wouldn't put her picture on until she got rid of that!
    She doesn't come over all that often...wonder why, huh.
    The only family pic we have is on Easter, and she does have the purple hair and metal in her face. Therefore, I haven't posted it.

    As for all those llama's....too many to count. :)

    here's the list:
    dogs-4 (had 5, but our 16yr old died)
    birds-4(including one psychotic parrot)
    ferret-1 (had 2, but Henry died recently)

    7 children
    1 grandchild
    parents that come over for breakfast every day
    and one very sweet husband ;)



    and I want to add more ;)

  3. Wow! I need to elevate the pedestal I already have you up on. tee hee!

    I'd love to see the Easter picture--red hair, metal and all! Just post it! We're all about keeping it "real" here after all aren't we???


  4. PURPLE hair....get it straight Kristin!

    with pink and green stripes. I'm not kidding either. But I wish I was ;)