Sunday, June 27, 2010

And she's off....

Lindsey is leaving in the morning to spend the summer in FLORIDA with our friends the Thornells....I am so green with envy :)
She's so excited, but a little nervous too...I know she's going to have an awesome summer, I mean it's FLORIDA, how could you NOT? ;)

It is so nice of them to open their home to her, THANKS NANCY!


  1. What a beauty your daughter is! Bet she doesn't get called a llama! (Yep, still not over that one-tee hee)


  2. she is beautiful !! She is going to have a ball down here :) lots of sun and fun !!

  3. She gets called a lot of things around here by her older brother...and her younger brother too for that matter, but I can honestly say an alpaca is not one of them....
    HA ha ha

  4. She is gorgeous! And how lucky is she to get to play with Sveta and Victoria.