Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Artioms first parade was on Sunday...

Toma didn't like the sirens.... with his sister Lindsey.

Summer, having a ball catching candy.

Mom and Alex, making his usual silly face when he see's the camera.

Lindsey and Toma, right before he threw the sucker.

Summer trying to share her candy, but he won't take it. A lady came by and handed him a freezie and he threw it back at her! He won't eat anything other than baby food, and it's like he doesn't even know what to do with it!

This one's for you Kristin......our pierced and dyed oldest daughter................yeaaaaah. Okie dokie then.....

This isn't at the parade, but I like it. My two boys.

He still does the hand thing a lot, especially when he's in a different surrounding. He's not as bad as he used to be though.

Michael thoroughly enjoying the little piece of chicken a chicken truck was handing out....he literally ran after the truck to get a piece---that's my boy!

Reaching for sweet.

I wish I knew what he was thinking of this whole new world.

Lindsey and Toma again, just watching the parade go by...

*****It was another long day today at the Dr. appointments. I have come to the conclusion that it does NO good to go to these appointments when all he does is cry the entire time. They can't get anything done anyway. So, unless it's a critical appointment or he's going to be sedated...I just don't see the benefit of going. Then my overly confident 18 yr old son got us SO LOST twice on the way home. It took an extra hour to get home. Right in rush hour traffic. So none of us were happy by the time we got home, I packed pb&j sandwhiches so we wouldn't have to stop and eat ($) and I fed Toma his cereal while waiting for the dr. to come in.
But the week is almost over! Yes!
I have about 7 more coming up before August. Oh, and the gastroenterologist and nutritionist want us to increase his caloric intake, so I will have to be creative in what I mix in his cereal. If he doesn't gain weight, we have to look at a G-tube, and I don't want to do that, nor do I think it's necessary. He eats a lot of baby cereal and yogurts, and things like that. So, I think I'm going to start mixing Pediasure in his cereal.
Whew...long day, I'm off to bed. :)
ps... Even though I complain about days like these, I don't want to lose sight of how blessed I am to have this sweet little soul in my life. He is SO needy and little....and sweet and gentle. And I have no idea what he has been through with doctors in his life, but I know he spent the first 7 months of his life in a hospital being poked and prodded, as he was somewhat of an 'oddity' there...and they were trying to figure out just what was wrong with him. And then of course, at the orphanage he wasn't fond of the doctor, as I saw first hand. So, I guess I have to cut him a little slack for crying for like 4 hours straight! :)


  1. 你不能左右天氣,但你可以改變心情..................................................

  2. Abby is frightened of doctors too because she's been through so much. Maybe you can warn the doctors office of how he reacts and ask if there is a comfy lounge type of room that they could meet him in rather then a hospital type room. Have the doctors come in and just play with Ari and take it slow, even if they have to schedule for an extra long appointment. Those appointments are necessary and vital.

    There are a few nutritional things you should call and ask for an RX for. 1 is called Benecalorie it is a little dixicup of and oily substance that you mix into food. 1/4 cup is over 300 calories. Also ask for Boost Kid Essentials 1.5kcal it's a milk substitute that you can mix with his cereal and even make puddings and yogurts with (i have recipes) and finally BeneProtein this is a powder you can mix with water and it doesn't change the taste. With have a unrepaired cleft palate you will need to experiment with all kinds of bottles and cups until you can find one that works. A speech therapist who is trained on feeding therapy is your best expert here, request one to come to the home. We finally found the Haberman bottle that worked wonders its designed for cleft kiddos.

    We always got the threat of the g tube and never ended up needing it. But in Ari's case it might not be a bad idea, I mean I know it'd suck and be tough but how is he not dyhydrated to the point of sever constipation and hospitalization? It might be vital for his well being.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to help and I can even send you a few samples of those products if you have trouble finding them.

  3. Thanks for all your suggestions Kristin! I'll look that stuff up to mix in with his cereal. I don't think they are worried about him getting dehydrated as long as he has so much milk per day with his cereal.... I don't think he would take the bottle, I've tried it with just a regular one, and he didn't want any part of it at all. He actually squeezed all the milk out of it in his crib :)
    He has his MRI tomorrow, so that should be interesting to see what's going on....hopefully it will all be normal.

    We're going to be starting speech therepy soon, so maybe they will have some good ideas as well.

  4. Your kids are so pretty. I am wondering have you tried making your own baby food? I know a lot of kids have a texture issue with solid foods, but a way we helped one of our foster kids once was to make out own. I made Andy's when he was a baby as well, and progressively we made it chunkier until they were eating solid foods.