Thursday, June 3, 2010

My friend Kristin is traveling tomorrow to 'my special country' to bring home their sweet little girl. She has this 'thing' for llama's, so i'm going to give her a fitting send off..... This is Kristin, BEFORE going to 'my special country', all beautiful can't tell in the picture, but she's wearing awesome shoes.....

This is Kristin getting off the plane after a 12 hour flight.....

This is what Kristin wants to ride on out in the country..... at Rambo's house.

This is Kristin getting assimilated into the culture...

This is Kristin when Alexander tells her he likes Yula more......

This is what she is bringing to give her sweet little girl........

and in response to our earlier conversation...that you are going to lure away my sweet Alexander with those darn shoes of yours....this is my 'adios' to my friend Kristin ;)

he heee he.


  1. I'm pretty sure I could recite "is your mama a llama" by heart now. The little girl I babysit for LOVES it. She sits in her crib and goes "mama. llama!"


  3. That is HILARIOUS! Congrats to Kristin!!!

  4. OH my gosh!! You made me laugh so hard!! I have been watching this fascination with Llamas for a while now, so I am so glad to see such a great tribute!

    You two keep me laughing. Some day while in the cities we can visit??

  5. Your lucky Kristin is so compromised right now with travel planning. With the trip, a new baby and the adjustment period of about 6 months, look for a good comeback around November. Great photos...I can totally see Kristin in some of them:)

  6. Well, my Mama was not a llama but I do feel like the 2nd llama picture right now! :) And I'm not luring Alexander away from you with the shoes...I'm stealing him from you by signing my name inside the book you purchased for him. I may lay claims to the note and cash you sent as well. (insert evil laugh here--or some type of rabid llama noise). Do you see the picture you posted of him on your sidebar? He's saying "Paka Jodi! There's a new girl in town!"

    Love ya!

  7. I was sitting here eating my key lime pie and about choked on it... are rotten!

    But so dang funny :)

  8. you girls are hillarious! What a hoot you 2 are...alexander does NOT know what is flying in :)