Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow, that was a VERY long day. I'm not even sure what we got accomplished. Except more appointments.

What I am thinking about tonight is covenant loans for adoptions. But I don't know much about it, I've looked some stuff up about it, and still don't know much about it.....another brain fog day here.

Do any of you know anything about these loans? Like you can borrow the amount of the adoption or close to it, and then pay it back with the tax refund and employer credit? That would be awesome to find something like that. Does it exist....Yes? No?

PLEASE...share your knowledge with me :)


  1. ummm yeah i believe it does exist. i know i saw it somewhere. did you try lifesong? or mbna?

  2. I think I've seen loans for up to ten thousand that they don't charge any interest for... so not ALL the money, but maybe half??? Look up "Loans for adoption" on the computer.

    Praying for you and your child(ren)to be!

  3. Don't know about covenant loans... sorry... and I am sure you have thought of all your other options already, (and if so I do not mean to be insulting), but have you thought about borrowing from your 401K? Then you can pay yourself back... ??? Been following your blog and my heart goes out to you. Praying for you and yours...

  4. Hi Jodi! I found a website called Abba Fund and they offer interest free loans. The site is:


    An open window maybe? Praying for you!!!


  5. we used our adoption credit for our last and this adoption for taya, we are a bit short right now but working hard to sell/save every penny we can . I know the loans are out there and if your hubbys job offers a grant that is awesome too. break the amounts down, promise fund,hs which shouldnt be much for an update, uscis,which may still be good? did you put 2 kiddos on it? baby steps :)

  6. Your kids could do tons of bake sales with all of the chefs you have in the family! Either that or you could sell a few of those llamas! Seriously, though, I'll be praying for you to come up with the funding if this is where God is taking you.