Friday, June 11, 2010


Posted by PicasaCan you believe this????????
Man, she TOTALLY got me back for the llama stuff.
Payback stinks!
***for those of you who don't know, this is my friend Kristin who is in 'my special country' right now, with MY Alexander....
Kissing MY Alexander.....
And rubbing it in my face....
And do you see that silly grin on HIS face....
Her blog is the 'seeing the upside of down' one that is on my previous post. :) :)


  1. Gasp! Is that Alexander? He must be loving these Americans ;)

  2. That Kristin is such a trouble maker. You should know better than to mess with her by now :). But so happy she met Alexander and was able to take him your gifts. I know we missed out :(!

  3. I would never really take YOUR Alexander away from you. I may be a lot of things but a Ukrainian Best Friend Stealer I am not! :) Besides, you haven't smelled him (or most of the men) in the Ukrainian heat! woooweeeee!

    We had Marina call him to ask him to come to the hotel. It was a quick meeting so no, we didn't have a conversation with him other than to give him the gifts (we gave him some baseball hats and peanut butter) and to take those 2 pictures. HOWEVER, our regular driver, Igor, isn't working tomorrow so he is sending his friend to drive us. His friend's name is...ALEXANDER. Could it be the one and only??? We'll find out in the morning!

  4. Ha ha Kristin,

    I was thinkin he DID look a bit sweaty :)

    maybe there were a FEW advantages to being there in the winter!

  5. Hi Jodi!

    I can't remember if I ever posted a reply to your comment on my page... It was so sweet of you to introduce yourself! It seems the more comments I get, the busier I am so I can't reply! Ahhhh! I'm losing my mind over here!

    I have questions for you!!

    Did Hunter know any English? Ukrainian is so hard to read and learn, but we're listening to the cds...

    What orphanage was he from? Victor is at 16, Milana is at 23.

    How is Hunter acclimating to US life and your family?

    Thank you, again, for introducing yourself on my blog!!! :)

  6. Jodi and Kristin, you two are hysterical! You both better be careful, I'll bet there will be a waiting list for Alexander from the women of RR (poor Igor). ;-)