Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artioms first time at the beach!

He made his way straight to the water...I thought he may be a little scared at first, but NO WAY!

Playing in the sand with papa...

Big brother Michael in the water with him...

Papa giving him a helping hand....

Some fun splash time!

Finding some sea weed...oh what fun!

My sweet boy loved his day at the beach!


  1. Another little Ukrainian who loves the water! How fun!! OK, I may not be the greatest at geography but where in the world did you find a beach to go to in Minnesota?! Do tell!


  2. Hmmmmm......Minnesota, the land of TEN THOUSAND LAKES....

    ok, so maybe OUR beaches aren't quite the same as YOUR beaches...more like mud holes actually, but hey, we aren't all lucky enough to live in the coast!