Friday, October 8, 2010

charlize theron

is a block away from my house shooting a movie. cool, huh? (except she's a liberal)
0k, ok. I'm sure she's very nice.
The kids got pictures :)


  1. Oh! Oh! Is the movie called "Hollywood Girl Gets Lost in the Hollow?" Do you get to play the part of her best (hillbilly) friend??? That might just be how God decides to provide for your next adoption so go down there and get yourself an audition!!!

  2. oooooh burn!

    you're a nasty creature Kristin.

    I did think about going over with a picture of one of my favorite RR kiddos that I have hanging around the house and sayin 'come on Charlize...$20,000 is nothing to you' :) do you think it would have worked?

  3. You asked me how I get to chum up with all these "famous" people. That's what I would do....but she is liberal....hmmm. Yeah, I would still do it :-0

  4. Google imaged her....she's a real tramp! She would possibly sell her body for you to pay for that adoption. It looks like she has sold it for a lot of people!

  5. oh my gretchen! you're going to have to get up an extra hour early in the morning for THAT one!

    ha haaa