Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'll huff and I'll puff ....

and blow out your power for 17 hours!

It's been SO windy here in MN for the last couple of days that last night our power went out around 10 pm. It just came back on now at 2:30 the next day.
Here in MN in late October it's COLD.... so all night we had no heat either. Brrrrr.

No lights, couldn't find a stinkin match in the entire house.....had to walk around in the pitch dark with Alex's Mickey Mouse flashlight looking for a match....just ONE match to light a candle....the flashlight is going very very dim.....after looking out in the garage and everywhere I could think of I found 4 matches. YAYYYYYY.

I don't mean to sound like a baby here, but THAT'S A LONG TIME WITHOUT POWER!

NO coffee????? Oh, man. NO computer???? major oh man!

You know how you hear that 'the silence is deafening'?? Well, it is. I'll tell you one of the weirdest things about me.....I have to sleep with LOTS of noise. I HAVE to have my blow dryer going on my bed, my sound machine going, AND a fan going in my room. And the really dumb part is that then I put ear plugs in!!! HA, that even sounds ridiculous to ME.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night because the SILENCE was SO DEAFENING.

So anyways.....after my 17 hours w/o power, I'm totally rethinking my strategy of moving to the boonies and becoming a pioneer.


  1. Can I just say that I love your posts??? They always make me chuckle! I've loved reading them since you were in the Ukraine bringing back that sweet boy. Thanks for your sense of humor on a dreary Wednesday afternoon at my house!!

  2. I was already a fan of yours since you bake and eat eat cake for breakfast, but now that I know you're in MN, I like you even better! I was born in Alexandria and then grew up in SD, making frequent trips to MN. Makes me miss it a bit... though not without power! Yuck and BRRR!

  3. Seriously....a blow dryer?? That can't be safe.

    We are concerned for you hear. I could buy you another noise machine to replace the blow dryer...that would be three things still and you won't start a fire!!!

    Oh make me nervous. It is cold here...true. But really, you don't need to move. When Rich emailed me that you were without power and basically told me not to expect to hear from you today, I thought that was just a trick to not talk to you today...when I figured that it could be true given the high winds here, all I could think was..."she is dying without her computer."

  4. Oh, and of course you are welcome to come stay with us next time your power goes out :-)

  5. I only have it on the cool setting, otherwise it would be too expensive to run. (that's what I tell Rich anyway)

    So, it must be perfectly safe....been doing it for like, 7 yrs now..... in Ukraine, I had to have a taxi driver drive me around to find one, since mine died :)

  6. We rarely, if ever, lose power here in NC! Just sayin'. I love me a sound machine too although I draw the line at the blow dryer on my bed-yikes! Perhaps you could have Rich whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you fall asleep? Much safer and it may lead to other things that would help you sleep even better! tee hee tee hee.

  7. well, that might work IF Rich slept in the same bed, but he doesn't! Not even the same room :)

    Just the way I like it. :) :) :)

    It's just me and all the little kids in there, but I recently sent Toma packing because he growls so loud really early in the Summer wanted to go with him into the extra room, so now it's just me and the 2 boys.

    They have their own beds, and I have my nice big bed all to myself, with my nice warm blow dryer :)