Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my bowl of oatmeal

I made a bowl of oatmeal the other night.
Once and a while a good bowl of oatmeal really hits the spot, doesn't it?
My secret ingredient to making it really good is a big dallop of vanilla ice cream on top, along with the brown sugar of course. Num.
But when I made this bowl and sat down to my 10 minutes of semi peace and quiet to eat it, I noticed a couple of hairs in it....not yum.
But I picked them out, picked one out of my mouth, and tried to pretend that didn't just happen, so I could enjoy it.
Our oldest daughter Ashley was over and took a bowl in the other room to eat it, and she has ALWAYS had a 'hair fetish' finding hair in her food totally grosses her out.
So, she starts holloring out 'GROSS mom, there's HAIR in this' ...I said 'no, there's not, eat it anyway' :) :)
But as I kept eating there just seemed to be a abnormal amount (ok, what IS the 'normal' amount) of hair. It's grossing even ME out. But hey, I had to atleast finish the part with the ice cream melted on it, right? :)
(Honestly, there wasn't much else in the house to eat at this point, I needed to go shopping.)
But as I picked another hair out of my mouth and studied it, I noticed it was sort of orange-ish and a bit curly. Hmmm.
We have a monstorous dog with that color hair....
I got up and looked in the oatmeal box and sure enough to my disgust, there were hairs all over in what was left of the oatmeal! Sticking out all over as I rolled it around. Ugh. Barforama.
then the monstorous dog comes trotting out in the kitchen to see what's going on. I compare hairs.....yes, I'm quite sure they are all his.
My theory is that SOMEONE (lindsey) dropped the oatmeal out of the pantry and swept it up and put it back in the container. It has her name written all over it. Plus, she doesn't like oatmeal, so what does she care?!
Someday life will be quiet...and normal....and the oatmeal won't be hairy.


  1. laughing like cray. hairy oatmeal. man that is so the epitome of a bad day, hairy oatmeal. sorry you had to experience that but thanks for the laugh! when you coming to visit? we keep our oatmeal in a large(read:huge) airtight container(like 40 pounds) so I promise no hairy oatmeal if you come to visit.

  2. first thought is you have a mouse building a nest with the dog hair! But whatever it is.......EWWWWW!!! We buy the malt-o-meal cereals that are in the bags, and had a mouse incident a couple years ago. To this day I can't store cereal in the bags, NOR in the cabinets where I have to reach in to get them. It took me a full year to be able to eat cereal again! After your hair issue, I'd have trouble with oatmeal for a long time! LOL

  3. Sounds like something that would happen here. I can totally see two of my boys working in cahoots to clean up the oatmeal before mom finds out. Love it, the post, not the hair :)

    Love wins

  4. Reason 8,197 not to have pets!!!!!!

    Consider instant oatmeal! It's not as good, but it has NO hair! Or maybe you could teach Linsdey a little lesson. I'm sure you (or Kristin) could come up with SOMETHING!!

  5. Tooooo funny! Even had to read this out loud to my daughter!

  6. Lindsey couldn't have done this because she is an angel, and she is my favorite :) i dont know what possessed me to be so rude and blame this on her, when clearly it was MY fault, as usual.

  7. Hmp. Obviously some (guilty party) has been on my I gotta change the password :)

  8. Oh my word. I bought 50lbs of steel cut oats recently (we have oatmeal every morning except Tuesday mornings which is big breakfast Tuesday), and would have DIED if it had been ruined. Oh and how dare you blame your sweet innocent child ;)

  9. Lindsey-

    From everything that your mother says about you, you are clearly wonderful....BUT, I can't believe you would sweep up the oatmeal and put it back in the container!!!!!!!! THAT is so, so, so gross.

  10. I'm not sure if I should laugh or be grossed out...LOL...EEEWWWW...I can't decide :)

  11. Ahhh...I can't stop laughing...that is sooooo GROSS!!! Hubby found it pretty humorous, too.

  12. I've heard there's a lot of nutrients in hair. So just quit your whining and eat it. Later in life when you're cancer-free and living until the ripe old age of 100, you'll have Lindsey to thank for it! :)

    This was funny and it made me laugh. After all the craziness this week of getting ready for the BW, etc. I needed a good laugh! Thanks!

  13. Jodi,
    Thanks for keeping it real (real funny!). I'm sorry, but that was so incredibly hysterical. I can imagine that happening to me once I return from EE to pick up our little sweetie (Alyona, I'm coming soon!). Leaving two teens at home and having no idea what I'm coming home to. Now I know... hairy oatmeal.