Sunday, October 10, 2010

found some older pictures of Toma to compare with the new ones

I found some pictures of Artiom when he first came home 6 months ago and I put them on here along with some current ones so you can compare... Here's the crew before the Halloween party, (minus Alex)
Here he is at a festival last month..

his first pony ride last month....

at the park last month....


you could see his whole spine....

I just can't believe how skinny he was!

just so tiny....

This was his first day home, Easter Day :)
Just think what he'll look like next year at this time! I love seeing him change and grow and be healthier.
When we first brought him home he just sat most of the time. Probably from being under nourished and weak. Along with lack of stimulation his whole life.
Now, he's such a little stinker! Gotta watch him like a hawk ;)
He's always going, going, going. :)


  1. So rewarding to see the change.
    So happy!

  2. Wow! What a difference. I think maybe Nadia must have been given Toma's share of the food because she has certainly never had that emaciated look. Poor guy. :( I'm so glad he's there in MN eating all sorts of nutritious foods (even if they do have dog hair in them). tee hee (haven't said that in awhile so I just had to get it out!)

  3. He looks SO much better. Way to go Mom. Isn't it rewarding to know that your love and care has improved another human being :)