Monday, October 25, 2010

Heath and Brady

Are 2 little boys that need someone to rescue them. They are in desperate need of a family. Their situation is dire, living in a mental institution with very little stimulation, very little everything, actually. They are lost boys with almost no hope of having a life outside of what they have now, which really can't be called a life. It's just existing. And their just little small and helpless. So at the mercy of everyone around them. Which includes young adult men in the same institution.

They CAN be adopted.

It's their ONLY chance. I pray that someone steps out in faith to rescue them.

You can go to this blog to read from someone who has met them, seen how they live, seen the desperation of their situation....someone who DID step out in faith and adopt from the very institution these boys are in.


Look at these eyes.....imagine what it must be like to live his life....please help find his family...pray, donate money to to the older boys your hearts for ways to help. They need you.

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