Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm asking this for a 'friend'.....

Has anyone gotten mouth sores after eating a whole bag of this? just wondering.


  1. I believe that only happens to camels. :)

  2. Jodi,
    I actually have never tried the caramel kettle corn, just the plain kettle corn which is so addicting. I haven't gotten any sores though, only added pounds! And it was an honest error saying I'm younger then you on my first attempt at replying -- sorry about that! (Bet you laughed though huh??) Take care!

  3. Hmmmm....the old friend thing, eh?? Did you eat it ALL in one day?

  4. unfortunetly all in one sitting.

    Must be the caramel or mouth was sore for 2 days.....

  5. Patti!
    You're getting the hang of this! :) Yeah, I did laugh....nice try with the 'younger' thing. :)

    Hey, you have 2 profile views..and I'm one of them...hee he he. So, do you have a blog??

    Oh, and the caramel ones are SO MUCH BETTER than plain. just don't eat the whole bag at once.