Saturday, October 2, 2010

a trip to Pioneer Park, Michaels mushrooms and Artioms dr appt. all mixed into one!

When the kids are naughty during the day, they end up here...Jail :) This is how we homeschool...I told you I like things old fashioned.

My sweetest pupil :)

My worst pupil... (this is my dad)
oh,back to the train for recess.

group picture...

Then back to school.
And....every classroom has to have one.....:)

Michael in the dunce hat.

I like the old days...I'm moving to this cabin...(in the south)...and writing with a feather.

I've given up technology and this is how I'll communicate from now on....Sorry Gretchen and more phone calls for me :) Maybe we could send pigeons back and forth.

This is me having tea in my new house.....I've really been getting into The Waltons lately.....:) or better yet, Little House.

Happy little Toma...
Goodbye,Pioneer Park....

Science class...

Michael and his science experiment. This is his mushroom man after 3 days :)

And finally, to Artioms doctor appointments this week:
He's always happy if there's a sink in reach!

Here he is at the first one...happy so far. He's getting so big. He's such a funny boy :)

But this is his face when he found out he needs 2 shots....not so funny anymore :)
He still does his hand gestures, especially in new or different environmentHe had another appointment at the UofM on Friday, it went well. He was sedated for another MRI. They saw some metal in his lower back that no one knew was there....I still don't know what it is.
They didn't say anything about it at the orphanage, so I have no idea what that's all about.
Time will tell, I guess.
We go in the end of the month for the appointments with the plastic surgeon and the urologist and the dentist. His cavities are getting so bad, but we have to wait until his cleft palate surgery for those teeth to get fixed.
Talked to the audiologist too and she's still waiting to see if the baha's will be covered by our insurance.


  1. Toma is so very handsome.

    Maybe he isn't big on eating because he swallowed a fork once and it was very traumatic?? Just saying....

    Just curious what the mushroom experiment entailed. See what i miss out on when I don't homeschool! We have plenty similar things in our refrigerator I guess. Shrooms and mold....Your kids could go on a field trip to my kitchen!

  2. BAHA's never heard of anyone getting 2. 1 should do the trick

  3. Hi, the audiologist said we'd put one on each ear, well rather, put it on the bone on the one side.

    She said that way he'll get sound out of both ears.....I don't know! I really am new to this :)