Monday, February 8, 2010

An adventure of a different kind...

Ok, so back to the tooth problem. It has gotten SO bad that I thought I would die for real this time. I had to get up twice in the night and drink vodka. It didn't help. So I had Rich call Marina this morning and say we need a dentist. Now, I really dislike going to the dentist, but I would have begged to go this morning. So we call Alexander to take us. Luckily they take me right in and I'm sitting in the chair wondering what they are going to do to me and how bad it will hurt. They spoke no English so far. I was sitting there in pain thinking about how much God must really hate me when in walks my doctor who looks just like Tom Cruise and I think, ok, He likes me a little bit :) haa haa ha.
To make a long story short, Tom spoke a little English so we got by, he got out a humongous needle and used enough novacain for a horse. I could have kissed him for that. Then he worked away what he could do today and I have to go back at 8am tomorrow for a ROOT CANAL. Can you believe it?? I can't. So if I'm still alive tomorrow night I will update you on how it went.

I will have shane post some pics from our visit at alexanders house. He wants to bring us somewhere to eat with him again tomorrow night....can't wait to see what awaits this time :)



  1. Oh Jodi, you poor thing. I know you wanted to wait until you got back but Praise God you're getting the root canal done this quickly!!! I love the vodka/anesthesia aspect of this adventure--I'll have to remember that. ha ha
    Please be careful on your next adventure with Alexander and no running away with your Ukranian Dentist!!! :)

    Keep the posts coming--I love reading them!

  2. man - you are so funny:)
    Only you would have to have a root canal in UA and have a dentist that looks like Tom Cruise!!
    Vodka for a toothache! love it! :)
    I am thinking you are starting to like your Ukrainian Vodka :)
    Just wanted to let you know there is a family comitting to Edwin!!
    hope you hear soon!

  3. Boy, when you decide to visit another country for the first time you REALLY put your whole heart into it and try to experience EVERYTHING!

  4. okay, just got back from the bank to have a few more papers notarized. We had to sit and wait a little bit and I though I would tell Ken your story from yesterday. As I was telling him I of course started to laugh so hard he couldnt understand me and before long I once again had tears in my eyes. The guy came to bring us back to his desk and I couldnt stop laughing. I tried telling both of them the story but they didnt understand what I was saying!! I think they thought I was NUTS!!! Once we came home Ken wanted me to read it to him so I started and before long the whole family was in stiches. Ken wants to know if Victor I mean Rich is sure he wants to leave you there after the court date?!?!?