Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Escort Service

I don't think I told you this... I was just thinking about the trip last night and remembered this . In Kiev on the way over, we stayed in an apartment that had an 'escort service' in one of the apartments. We would walk by it on our way up to our apartment (which by the way was the 5th floor, no elevators, remember that when you are packing) anyway, we would always look at the sign on the door and think " man, what kind of place is THAT". Then the evening we were to catch our train down to region, Rich and Lindsey went to get some documents from the SDA and Shane and Alex stayed with me to pack up and get ready to go.
Rich told me that a cab would be picking me up in about a half hour and to make sure I was ready. I packed up and took the kids down to wait by the front door, which was a really dark, dirty and cold entry way. We waited and waited and waited. No cab. We stood there for an hour and a half waiting. I know I should have went back up to the apartment, but I was SURE it would be there any minute and didn't want to miss it, because I didn't know when our train left and it was on the 5th floor etc. So we just waited, Shane was not happy with me for making him stand there and Alex got very 'squirrelie' and a big babushka came by and scolded me for Alex taking his boots off.
Then some women came out from the escort service apartment. They walked by us and one of them said, "I know you have been out here a really long time, why don't you come inside my office and wait where it's warm"....Ahhhh, well, I think we're ok out here, but thank you. :)
But she insisted and it was cold and I really wanted to sit down, so we followed her inside. It was nice in there and she sat us down in what was probably the little 'getting to know each other' room with a cute little table and chairs and couch, oh and some not very family friendly pictures!
She got out her tea service and cute little china cups and served us tea. She was in a hurry to get some where so she left us there and said we could stay as long as we wanted.
I could hear other girls in the next room answering phone calls and asking which girls the caller was interested in. It was a little wierd. An hour and a half later, Rich finally calls me to see where we are, I whispered" I'm in the escort service" he said "WHAT"??? I whispered again I'm in the ESCORT SERVICE because no cab came and the nice lady let me come in". He was surprised, but not overly concerned (nice!)
He said he would be there shortly, but we really had to book it to the train because we were really running late. I politely thanked the girls in the next room, and got Shane's eyes back in his head and wiped that silly smile off his face (he's 18, you figure it out) and we hurried to catch the train.
I have pictures of us sitting there with our tea, I'll post them when I get them downloaded :)


  1. Just when I thought you couldn't top some of your other stories, you come up with this one!! Hmm.. definitely rethinking bringing my 13yr.old son along on this trip. What do you think? Thanks for all the scoop on your trip--don't leave anything out!!! Any idea when you'll be going back yet?


  2. Jodi,
    What an absolutely eyebrow-raising adventure. You have done an excellent job telling about it. I sure hope you get your court date soon.

  3. Wow, are you making all this up?? ha! VERY interesting.....

  4. That's why I had to get the pics to prove it Charissa!! haahaha

  5. man I am NEVER going to be able to top your trip!!! I will be really happy with an uneventful one :)

  6. You know, I was going to say we should get together once all the kids are home. But now, I just dont know!! LOL!!!! You guys have had one heck of an adventure. The way you tell it is like I was there because once again I was laughing out loud picturing you telling Rich on the phone where you were. The only thing is I was at work!!! Sorry everyone out there but this is by far the best blog EVER!!! You guys are really making the best of all of this! Ken was hoping to be in that region just to get the "famous" taxi driver. We are just waiting for the 171 and then we are set. Trying to find the extra room is a little tricky......and thats with the already added addition from a few years back!

  7. I would love to send everyone Alexander's way! He is the best by FAR. Before we found him, we had many that were NOT friendly at all. One in particular that we had to have all day because of so much running around with paperwork, really didn't like us at all. He was rude, played his music WAY too loud, totally blew Rich off when Rich offered him a pop, then he actually whipped a sh*tty with us in the back!! I kid you not.
    Beleive me, we were very relieved to find Alexander :)


  8. I love how positive you have chosen to make this journey. I laugh every night at your blog posts. I know in the midst of the situation it may not seem so funny but good for you in laughing about it afterwards. We came back in Sept. w/ our little girl and still talk about our adventure of a lifetime!! When you can't do anything else, at least you can laugh.

  9. I was going to ask you for all the information you gathered for our trip, place to stay, places to eat, where to find a taxi...after reading your blog though I think I may need to stear clear of the places and people you hang out with *wink*.

    Seriously though, when you are feeling up to it I'd like to pick your brain on all those things and who knows what else.


  10. Oh dear! Now I REALLY can't wait to travel!LOL

    My husband is cracking up at your adventures. I tell him he will fit in nicely with the Ukrainian rednecks!