Wednesday, February 3, 2010



  1. Okay, you had me with that first pic. Then you lost me with the second... I do not look forward to that. Blech! I like your attitude though.

  2. love the picture of you and your daughter!!
    WHAT is that in ARi's hand!! Looks like food!! bad bad girl :)
    Wally is too funny - the kids LOVE it!

  3. I am very thankful that you are so strong because I would be a screaming baby about the bugs! we were there in early fall and everywhere we stayed was VERY clean and no bugs. THANK GOODNESS! I am VERY squeamish about certain things! BUGS IS ONE OF THEM! bleah. can you see me wrinkling up my nose and shuddering ? but at least you get to visit such a beautiful little boy every day. = )

  4. Jodi, he looks so happy with you guys that it just makes my heart melt!!! You certainly are handling things with a sense of humor and a lot of grace. I hope I'm that laid-back when I get over there in a few months. Cock-roaches, crazy cab drivers and the cold, oh my!!!


  5. What a doll! What fun it was to catch up on your blog again! :) I am so happy you are finally with him! I agree, he looks so happy!

  6. C'mon - where are you guys? we're getting worried! Did you get more snow??
    miss ya!! we got submitted thursday!!
    hugs :)