Monday, February 15, 2010

not a great visit today

Artiom was very,very crabby today. We had to walk over to the other building at the orphanage because there was a meeting going on in the music room in Artiom's building. He didn't like the change of environment at all, and to top it off in the music room in the other building there were ladies selling clothing and candy, so Ari was even worse because of that. He was doing alot of crying and slapping us. He got Rich so good one time, he saw stars. But Rich said, "well, atleast we know he can defend himself at home with that jit-su move. ( I know I spelled that wrong)
So I think we have our work cut out for us.....
I know you are wondering about the pics of your kiddo's (RR mommies) and I think about it every single day we go there, it's just that we don't really see anyone to ask, and the one's that we do see when we go to get Ari and bring him back, don't really give us the time of day. We haven't seen Serge since the first week here. I am still really hoping to get him to take some pics for us, I know how much you are anticipating seeing your little angels.

Yula :)


  1. Hi Jodi,
    So sorry that Ari was "worked up" today. It sounds like you guys handled it well. I'll be praying specifically for these behaviors to subside/go away which I'm sure they will when he feels secure and settled with your family. Don't worry about the updates of our angels. I know Andrea has been in contact with Serge and he is still saying he will get us photos in the next 2 weeks or so. Just take that off your shoulders--you have enough going on my friend!:)


  2. Hi Yula!!
    so sorry you had a bad visit today :(
    Can't believe they were selling candy and clothes at the orphanage!
    Hope you hear soon about court!!!!

  3. Oh Jody!! What an experience you are having! It will make a great book some day but while you are LIVING it, I wish you could get a court date soon. The museum pictures are awful. I just can't stand this kind of stuff--not even two-headed calf like some museums around here have. I know some of our visits were pretty bad--actually I'd say MOST of them were pretty bad but much better once we got to our own apt and then home.

  4. I understand the difficulty in getting the photos for everyone! We had a very difficult time getting what photos we had of the other children. The caretakers were very suspicious of us! Awkward!!!