Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I survived...but barely

Yes, I had the root canal this morning. The day started out with freezing rain, and our cab didn't show up, we couldn't get ahold of another one, and we were already a little late for my appt. at this point. Rich thought he remembered where it was and thought it was about a 15 min walk. But its freezing rain and they do not salt here. It was like a total skating rink, and people were dropping like flies. Seriously, people were falling all over the place and now we have to walk how far(?) to the dentist that Rich "might" remeber where it is...for my root canal. Ugh. But what can you do? besides, I looked around and saw little old ladies sliding around and I said if they can do it, I can do it :)
We got there about 35 minutes late and frozen solid, but we didn't fall. It was a looong procedure with very little English spoken. I had a different dr today, but halfway through the Tom Cruise dr came in and said slowly in English "I have very important announcement to tell you...today is national dentist day and that mean this morning, we no drink vodka" Haha ha. I couldn't smile or laugh because I was a little preoccupied at the time but when it was all finished, I pointed at him and said "you a funny man".
I have to go back again tommorrow. But, yes, I am definetely getting all I can get out of this whole experience. Its all hillarious really.

Artiom is doing well, he was aggitated yesterday, because we brought Alexander our cabbie to meet him and Ari wanted his cap really bad, and once he got it we wouldn't give it back for anything. Finally Alexander left and I did give him the hat back and I gave Artiom a bottle of coke to play with. He sat on my lap shaking the bottle and watching it fizz for a good 45 min and would have longer if I would have let him. He has a very long attention span, maybe too long.
The other day, he was standing in front of the window playing with his car for the longest time, his head kind of under the curtain, after about 30-40 minutes of this, we say ok, thats enough. When we picked him up he smiled and we saw that he had been gnawing on the metal strip he was leaning against and his teeth were all silver! Very silver, and it was time to take him back to his room. I tried to wipe it off but it didn't even lighten up! Oh well, they still let us get him the following day :)

Alexander called us this morning and said "in evening time I take you somewhere" so we'll see what that's all about. My mouth is a little sore, so I don't know if I want to go. I'll post more later, jodi


  1. Jodi,

    Sounds like quite an adventure! We are working on an adoption of 2 girls from Khamelnitskiy. We are awaiting interpol clearance so we can go back and get our little girls.

    Blessings to you.

    Jon and Jill Nelson

  2. Oh Jodi! So glad your tooth will be on the mend and that you were operated on by sober dentists. ha ha Can't wait to see more pictures of sweet little Ari!!!

    Keep the updates coming...this is the first site I check when I turn on my computer!!!


  3. What adventures you have been on this week! :) I would love the trip out in the country, but ouch the root canal! I hope you are feeling better today.

  4. Wow Jodi you are busy having an adventure! I hope that I have a little less adventure when I go to pick Naya up - LOL. I hope you and your sweet boy are on your way home soon.

  5. so happy you had a sober dentist :)
    How wierd that Hubby had a root canal yesterday too :) and he didn't get any vodka!!
    I hope your tooth feels better.
    I hope you get GREAT news tomorrow!!
    Praying for you all :)

  6. I must say that I am glad I didn't see the inside of a dentist office while I was there! :) Glad it worked out ok for you and you are better!

  7. Praying that today is the day that the interpol clearances start coming in and you get your court date scheduled!!!!!
    Hope you tooth is feeling better :)
    Hope you get your phone problem fixed too.

  8. No update?!?!? Cmon we are waiting so patiently :)

  9. Jodi!! Good grief, why have I been missing out on your blog! Oh, what an amazing adventure you are having. And your little guy is such a cutie-bug. I will certainly try to keep up better from here on out! Joy, RR

  10. Wow Jodi! I have just sat here this whole sunday morning and consumed your blog! I have sooo enjoyed the pictures and stories you have taken the time to post. Hunter is a cutie pie and what a smile! I am trying to follow your blog by my yahoo account (foggydogs-maiden name Bannon) but it has been slow to add me so maybe will stick with wordgardener, my google acct. Just so you know who I am, Cathy=Marina! As for RR updates, Shelly Burman will submit next thursday as dhl filled out her shipping forms wring, sarah Basile submitted this past thursday, everyone is panicked as usual over the new president and new changes potential for SDA appointment. I have my fingerprints here on Tuesday, with dossier ready to roll. Hubby is finally realizing this is heading at us like the big boulder in Indiana Jones...and the same look on his face I might add! But I can tell he is getting excited and that makes me so happy to see this take him over. Little Sofia (2) was committed to (maybe before you left, but it turns out she is 1 y.o, not 2, so they are really getting their little baby! I think only Igor and Anna are left in Dnep region that Artiom (the brown's Artyiom)is at. 4 more kids were committed to yesterday, and Lera lost her family, which prompted Andrea to change the order of how kids get committed to. I am grateful for this change but am glad I was on the other side of it or I might still be waiting to commit to Marina:) On another note, the Southeast has been getting its fair share of snow, 4 inches here in SC this past weekend, 7 inches in Texas, Andrea will be snowed in until June, with about 4 feet I think--by the way, I will look for those ice grips to strap on my boots for travel so thanks for making it clear it is icy and not "salty" there. I am determined to travel sometime in March, at least in my heart! We are rolling out a new youth fundraising campaign for RR called Change for a Chance and hope to unveil that to coincide with the People mag article that got pushed back to this week. I will make sure and buy and extra one and put it back for you in case you can't get it there haha! So much of your adventure reminds us of our dinners with the locals in Belize, but at least they spoke English and had less of a "sense of humor":) Well I am off to make waffles for Valentines Day breakfast for my Evan and DH but hope you are having a fab day and that someone got all that lead poisoning off Hunter's teeth:) Still laughing about the raisins, I bet that freaked them out when they were faced with that surprise! Hugs from SC, Cathy