Wednesday, February 3, 2010

another day, another grivna...

hello, it snowed again last night, so cold again today. i sure wish we would have come in the spring or fall. but oh well. we had a good visit with ari today, he was a little more subdued today, i think he was tire.d. he loves his juice that i brought him, but i could only give him a little bit. shane and i walked about a mile each way to a big store today, it was cold and a long walk, not sure if it was worth it... we have had an awesome driver the yesterday and today, his name is alexander and he is around 50 yrs old and very nice. he speaks a tiny bit of english, so its like playing a really bad game of charades! when he brought us home from the orphanage he said he had a present in the trunk for us, and he pulled out a bag of fish that he caught in the dniper river here. i'm not exactly sure what we will do with them, but it was so sweet of him. he is the guy in the pic with me and lindsey. the nannies didnt let us in the room yesterday or today, they just have him ready and sort of push him out the door to us. i still havent seen serge to take the pics, but i will definetely ask him when he is here. we did hear from marina today, she said the interpol thing 'should' be done by next week, and we 'should' have court sometime after the 10th. we shall see. Yes, i would love to get updated on all the RR stuff, i havent been able to access the site here.

more later, jodi


  1. Hi, heres what is going on at RR. Lera is the current project and needs a family ASAP. A few days ago she lost her adoptive family - something to do with their agency not approving them :(
    She has a 8605 grant and the family also has 2000 to the family who steps forward. Dennis and Alec are still looking, we asked if we could take Dennis but Andrea doesnt think that a judge would let us take 4, we added luke last week before we knew Dennis lost his family. Lets see, new commitments - The little girl on the older children with Ds from Bulgaria, Mary Ellen, found her family,Sasha found his, and Sofia found hers. Adey and Anthony who are adopting Hailey have added one more, Sophia. The Briggs are doing great! Im not sure if you know this one or not? but Maxim and Nastay, little girl with dwarfism, who had a family commit but then lost them, well they found another family too!

    I dont know, hope that updates you a little?!?!
    Im so glad that you and your family are finally there bringing Ari HOME!!!!!

  2. so happy that you have a date for the interpol mess. I so hope it does happen and you have court on the 10th.
    good luck!

  3. you havent heard the best news yet are you ready?
    Corinna HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jodi.... so glad to finally get time to catch up on your trip. I hope you have court soon... that interpol thing is something. He looks very happy with you guys.