Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better days...

Artiom has been a sweetie the last few days again, thankfully. Yesterday we went back to the museum with Alexander to see the rest of it. It was interesting, I'll post some more pics, mostly it was of military related things and leaders and such and the history of Ukraine. The day before we went the sauna with Alexander, that was fun. It was nicer than I expected, I didn't go into the actual sauna room, but the rest of the family did. Then they would come out and jump in the pool and go back into the sauna. Alexander brought homemade jams with and boiled water and he made us a natural hot drink out of it, it was really good. Then the men all played some pool and ping pong in their underwear, yes, they were al in their underwear! I saw WAY more of Alexander than I ever thought I would! haa ha ha

Then we went to a cake factory where his wife works, and bought some good cakes. Yesterday he also took us to a really big outdoor market that we haven't been to before. It was fun, but too big. I have another dentist appt in about an hour and another one again on Tuesday. We still haven't heard anything at all about court. If it wasn't for Alexander, I don't know what we would be doing all this time, he has made it SO interesting for us. The weather is better today, at least we can see some sun for once, but it's still cold.

Thanks so much for giving me some updates on RR, I really enjoy that. Nancy, do you have a date yet??? Forget it... I just checked and you do!!! I emailed you.

I'll add some pics now



  1. Oh my gosh!!! you are so darn funny :)
    praying you hear very soon about court!!!
    As much as I want to see you guys, I don't want it to be in zap!!!!
    Glad you are doing all the sightseeing so I know what I want to do!!!

  2. glad you had a better visit, sorry you had to see alexander in his tooo funny!