Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For scientific purposes only...

I ate another bag of this....while watching a movie....JUST TO SEE if it irratated my mouth.... you know, so I could pass along the results to all of you.....for YOUR benefit.

Yes, I did it for you people....

No mouth irritation this time.....

final analysis..

It probably wasn't the popcorn, but one more test may be needed for conclusive results.


  1. too funny...oh the sacrifices you make in the name of science :)

  2. I won't even start my comment with correcting your spelling because that would be really irrItating of me don't you think? So, instead of being really irrItating, I'll tell you how funny you are and that I'm glad your sweet treat didn't irrItate your mouth this time. Guess it was some other source that caused your mouth irrItation. Hmmmm...perhaps you're allergic to spelling? tee hee hee

    I really do love you!
    From, irrItating me

  3. Don't know what you're talking about Kristin.

    And I don't really love you!

  4. So the popcorn didn't irrItate your mouth but it sure affected your normally sweet disposition! hmpf!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA---that made me chuckle....not irrItated though!!!

  6. Well I'm glad we have you to do our scientific experimentation for us.