Monday, November 15, 2010

looking for twins?

These two little sweeties are in the same orphanage and can be adopted together :) This is Anna, what a pretty little girl, and so in need of a mommy.
And this is Trenton, (not his real name) he's healthy, and Anna is too, except a minor heart murmur.
Can you imagine the joy these two would bring to a family? I can!
by the way, Miss Anna has a grant of over $700.00


  1. Oh I will take them both. I can't believe you have snow....I am jealous. I could live in Alaska and be happy, but I'd have to live there without my other half since he doesn't like snow. So I wouldn't be to happy I guess, but still jealous of your snow already. Oh and if you could just wrap those two cuties up for me, and send them to Ky.

  2. I agree--a fine set of twins!! Praying their family (or families) finds them soon!