Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kristin at the state fair.....

Remember this picture? She posted it several weeks ago, saying I was the ugly llama trying to get in the picture, and of course she was the pretty little llama in the front. Hmp. Well, here's what I have to say about that. But first, you MUST read this with Donkey's voice, from Shrek.

So, back to this picture. This is ugly llama (me) sayin...."hey man, look at me, look at me...I'm right here and I'm pretty too....see, look at my teeth, aren't they pretty? And they're all right next to each other too........Don't look at her.....she's over-rated..the pretty ones are a dime a dozen".

Sure, she wants you to think she's all that.....but I saw her from the back, I know what she's all about.....

And THIS ain't pretty ,I tell ya.

See what I mean, see??? Even the other llama's don't like looking at it. Oh man.

Trying to be all cool, when we really know what you're all about.....straw stickin on your behind and everything!

Now ME, I ain't no pampered princess......this is the way I got to the fair. I'm built for heavy labor, not some sissy llama.

So, there Miss Priss. This is what I think about you. hee, hee, he.

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  1. This would be extremely funny except for one thing...the animal in the background that is supposed to be you is not a's a camel! Yeesh! I thought you folks in the hollow knew your relatives...I mean animals. tee hee hee

    (I still got a kick out of it, though. Made me laugh today which is always a good thing!)

  2. In some weird, twisted way I feel very loved that you would even take the time to construct an entire blog post-pictures and all--just to make fun of me!

  3. ....and you have NO idea how long that took me.


    I can't figure out how to move pictures around so after 3 attempts at it I started over and had to write down the order to add them so it would make sense and be the way I wanted it. (starting with the last picture going to the first)

    Please enlighten me oh Golden on earth do you move pictures around on a blog??

    By the way, I think I watch wayyyy to much Shrek. I need to get out more ;)

  4. I can't get them to move around either so I'm the wrong one to ask. :(

    Oh Golden one? Never been called that one before--especially with my raven-black hair (that is now known as #4 by me and my hairdresser) :)

    Must have been a slow day on the homefront eh?

  5. The Golden know, the one that everything goes just right, beautiful, and all that :)

    yeah, slow day ;)

  6. Aha!

    Inspector Gadget, aka Gretchen, did some research and llama's and camels ARE in the same family....closely related in fact.

    So there. I wasn't 'wrong' when I said it was a llama...I just wasn't 100% correct. But hey, what's new with that?!

  7. When you write your blog post and add a picture, you get a chunk of code added to the top of your post, don't you? That is the picture. Just copy and cut all that code and paste it to whereever you want it in the text you've already written! Very easy! I always write all text first, and then take one picture at a time, because if I add them all together I find it a bit difficult to know where the code for one picture starts and the other one ends.