Friday, November 5, 2010

funny...sort of.

My dad is 77.

Now, I know some people at 77 are still sharp as nails, like Regis.
Regis must have taken more Ginko Biloba than my dad though.

Because his mind/memory is escaping him more and more all the time.

He and my mom come over for breakfast every morning.

It's Groundhog day (the movie)here everyday.

He says the same things....does the same things....but most annoying(but funny) is how he's like one of the kids.

And they fight.

Everyday milk gets spilled, now that's not anything unusual with kids, but it's my dad fighting with the kids that gets the milk spilled.

Who gets to sit where....who gets this bowl.....who gets to put more honey on their eggs.

Ahhh, it's interesting all right.

Halloween was especially funny.

Dad wanted Halloween candy. He was mad that mom had to give out his stash of caramels at their house because they ran out of regular candy....

So the next morning at my house, he wants to go through the kids pails of candy.

That didn't go over well with certain little people here.

For some reason, he and Michael seem to go at it the worst. Probably because it's like some kind of sibling rivalry...they both act like 8 yr olds.

I let dad pick out whatever candy he wanted and Michael put up a fit and started crying and pouting. Dad was shoving it in his mouth as quick as he could, afraid he'd lose it if he didn't :) :)

After breakfast when they were leaving, dad slowly shuffled his way to the door, holding his pumpkin full of candy, looking back at Michael the whole time.

Michael just glared at him, saying "there goes my CANDY out the door". (I have to say, it was hilarious)

It's odd how life comes full circle.

But I guess you just have to find the humor in it, right? what's the alternative?


  1. Jodi-

    Tonight you were my mother's bedtime story! We laughed. Thanks. It's quite the visual...did he actually take the pumpkin of candy home? I have only had 2 pieces of candy since Halloween. I have 4 bags I can send to you...not the kid's bags.

  2. He sure did!

    Don't worry, the kids still had a mountain of candy left :)